Mould On Walls – Tips & Advice

Mould On Walls

Why Does Mould On Walls Occur, And What Can You Do About It?

Lots of houses and properties these days suffer from Mould On Walls at some stage, especially if they are older properties. Whether it is mould on bedroom walls, or in a storage room, a bout of mould can spring up out of nowhere and spread if left.

So, firstly, why does Mould on Walls actually occur?

The main cause of mould occurring on walls within your house is condensation. Mould and Mould spores will grow in moist and slightly humid temperatures. So a room that gathers condensation on the windows and walls inside is a perfect place for mould to grow. Unfortunately, temperatures indoor are ideal for mould spore growth too, so when there is moisture in the air constantly through condensation etc. it is the ideal place for mould to grow.

The reason mould on walls occurs in particular, is because mould spores target dead organic materials such as wallpaper, fabrics and wood. So, combined with the indoor humidity and moisture, it is the perfect condition.

Older properties and houses are generally more prone to mould growth than newer built properties. This is because of the way they are built!

They are generally built with more solid walls than properties are today. This promotes more indoor condensation, and as mentioned above, becomes an ideal place for mould to grow. However, it is important to point out that mould on walls can appear and grow in any property, regardless of age, if the conditions are right.

Mould On WallsCan You Prevent Mould on Walls?

You can help to prevent mould appearing and growing on the walls within your home and property. Firstly, circulation is key to avoid condensation build up, so be sure to keep rooms well ventilated as often as possible. This can be achieved by airing rooms by opening windows.

You can also reduce condensation occurring by wiping away any moisture or water that collects within a room. Often times, moisture can gather around windows, so keep any eye out for this.

Other things you can do include drying clothes and shoes thoroughly before storing them in cupboards and storage rooms, and try not to have too many indoor plants, as this can promote moisture in the air also.

Mould On Walls – The Best Way To Get Rid Of It

Getting rid of mould on walls will depend on how bad the mould actually is. If it is only affecting a small area of wall, scrubbing it with soapy water can usually be enough to get rid of it. If it is covering a large area though, it is usually a good idea to bring in outside help and professional mould cleaners.

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